After 18 years in the rescue teams of warships and 4 years as a volunteer rescuer in the rescue teams in Chania Crete I decided to expand my knowledge by studying Mental Health Counseling aiming to combine all the knowledge and Training I possess. My goal is to provide my help to human being in order to know aspects of him/her self and learn to manage the emotions that get tough his/her daily life like stress, anxietypanic attacksphobias etc.

All these years of experience in saving human life and knowing very well the benefits of the sea and nature in general in the organism and the Psychology of man, I created two (2) innovative and alternative programs, “Underwater Self-Awareness” (U.S.A) and  “Self-Awareness Hiking” (S.A.H). These Are two (2) innovative and alternative methods for Self-Awareness and Rejuvenation of the soulmind and body and is a combination of Mental Health CounselingBreathwork and safe Scuba Diving or Hiking.

U.S.A. and S.A.Hi address to people who want and owe to themselves to cleanse their thoughts to learn to manage their fear to come in contact with their emotions and their bodies and discover their inner strength.