"Mental health counseling with Breathwork techniques"

Mental health counseling is the process in which a person receives help through the discussion to improve his or her personal condition, to relieve the feelings that “weigh him down“, to manage the critical situations to develop the problem-solving capacity and make its own decisions.

The counseling relationship –consultant and client– is a “journey” of emotions, with “intermediate stations” the Self-Exploration and the Self-Awareness. Free from all kinds of pressure or coercion, it is characterized by acceptanceconfidentiality, allows the expression of feelings without criticism and in combination with Breathwork techniques Self-Improvement is the destination of this wonderful “journey“.

People seek counseling for many different things. Counseling is for mental illness as fearanxietysadness and other emotions that emerge from environmental influences or from internal conflicts, lead to depressionpanic attacks and various psychosomatic problems, as autoimmune for example.

        Counseling happens individually, in one-on-one sessions with a counselor. Additionally, people can engage in couples therapy, family therapy, or group therapy.

A growing counseling approach that falls into the categories of thoughtsfeelings, and behavior as well as stands strongly on its own is positive psychology. Most counselors don’t practice one single approach but instead weave together principles of many to best fit individual clients. Approaches most likely to be used on their own, and solution-focused brief therapy.

        Mental health counseling improves and even saves lives. Seeking counseling is a sign of courage and strength because it’s an important step in taking charge of mental health and creating the life that you deserve, a life worth living.

The main purpose of counseling is to help people, to gain self-awareness and get to know their environment, to make the right choices that will help them with their issues, to deal with them and to make the best use of themselves for themselves. For his own benefit and for the general benefit.

       Breathwork is the experiential field of study and practice that encompasses a variety of breathing techniques utilised individually and in groups, to cultivate self-awareness and the enhancement of physicalemotionalcognitive, or spiritual well-being.

        Conscious breathing opens a channel to the deeper realities of life, providing the groundwork for personal development and reaching higher states of consciousness. When used in specific ways, conscious breathing allows us to release and resolve emotionsbelief systemsstresses and memories which are often inaccessible through conventional talking therapies.

        Breathwork creates a safe framework, which empowers the breather to explore their bodiesmindsemotions and spirituality by making conscious decisions about the way that they breathe and live. It can be used to enhance development and learning on all levels.

Some forms of breathwork have been shown to regulate and balance the autonomic nervous system with new studies demonstrating benefits for cardiovascular healthmental healthwell-being and immunity.

Breathwork is:

profoundly effective breathing technique and therapeutic process that

  • activates the body’s natural healing,
  • promotes self-exploration and self-awareness
  • offers a path to conscious personal transformation. ​

An intelligent and precise life tool that can:

  • release stressanxiety and depression
  • shift unhelpful beliefs and entrenched habits and behaviour patterns
  • heal life hurts and traumas such as birthlossdeath and suffering
  • support confidentconscious choice in the decision-making process
  • break through our entrenched emotional blocks in order to navigate change and embrace our full potential
  • improve self-awareness and the ability to re-program behaviours for greater presence and joy in life

        Breathwork provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledgeinner wisdom, and health that encourages greater physicalemotionalmental and spiritual balance and wellness in life.

Dimitrios S. Kritsidimas
Mental health counselor
E.F.R Instructor
PADI Divemaster