“Self-Awareness Hiking”

The S.A.Hi program is an alternative Self-Improvement program, which helps in the mental well-being and physical condition of the body and mind. With Breathwork we are training our body to absorb more oxygen and to manage our emotions. It is carried out by combining Mental Health Counseling with Breathwork and safe Hiking in the beautiful Greek countryside, in wonderful paths with indelible colorsscents and sounds that stimulate the senses.

The fresh air of Greek nature and its beautiful landscapes, offer a feeling of relaxationrejuvenation and well-being, encourage positivity and give real joy to those who experience it. It also improves mood by greatly reducing the feeling of depression and anxiety and increases confidence. The tranquility of nature and its incomparable beauty compose the colors around us, shape the world of our dreams and help to come in contact with his feelings.

Those who have the opportunity to be in nature even for some time are considered privileged and perhaps special. In any case, the feast of colors and senses of the natural world and the life around it certainly does not leave untouched the people who experience the wild everyday’s life of big cities with stress and depression.

The S.A.Hi program helps people to come into contact with their emotions and bodies, gain confidence in their sensesself-awarenessself-control and soothe fatigue, the pain of the soul and body from the routine of everyday’s life. That’s why we can say that S.A.Hi program is an interactiverejuvenating program of mentalcognitive and physical adventure.

Founder and coordinator of the alternative interactive
Self-Improvement Program "Self-awareness hiking"
Dimitrios S. Kritsidimas
Mental health counselor
E.F.R Instructor
PADI Divemaster