«Underwater Selfawareness»

The sea is considered an excellent therapeutic medium since ancient times. Its therapeutic properties have been known since the time of the father of medical science and hydrotherapy HippocratesEuripides mentions the tragedy “Iphigenia Tauris”, “The sea cleans all the evils of people“. This is the goal of “Underwater Self-Awareness” (U.S.A) program.

The U.S.A program is a combination of Mental Health CounselingBreathwork and safe Scuba Diving. It is beneficial as physical exercise, as mental and emotional well-being.

The serenity and beauty of the underwater world improves the mood by greatly reducing the feeling of depression and anxiety and increases confidence in those who experience the U.S.A program. It also helps in the mental well-being and physical condition of the body as the Breathwork and the of muscle relaxation techniques help to train to absorb the body more oxygen, in the management of emotions and in physical relaxation.

The incorporation of seawater contributes to the treatment of chronic health problems and offers a feeling of rejuvenation and well-beingBreathing in the sea becomes deeper our pulses accelerate by helping to cure respiratory diseases such as asthmabronchitis and others. It also significantly improves respiratory function and helps relieve congestion of our nasal system.

The U.S.A. program allows us to enter a different serene world with beautiful colorsshapes and creatures. In a world where everyday’s life stays on the coast and the sense of rebirth, excitement and energy dominate. Scuba diving stimulates the senses to “sinking” into new experiences. It transforms our perception of life. The infinite tranquility of the sea, the incomparable beauty of the seabed, the pageantry of colors and the movement of fish, calm our psychic world and help us to get in touch with our emotions.

Those who have the opportunity to be on the seabed for some time are considered privileged and perhaps special. The Feast of colorssenses and the calm movement of the underwater world certainly do not leave untouched the people who experience the wild everyday’s life in big cities with phobiasanxiety and depression.

No form of treatment (mental or physical) can ensure all these together and bring us back into contact with ourselves and our fellow human beings, to soothe the fatigue and pain of the soulmind and body.

That’s why the U.S.A Program is a perpetual mentalmind and physical adventure

Founder and coordinator of the alternative interactive
Self-Improvement Program "Underwater Self-Awareness"
Dimitrios S. Kritsidimas
Mental health counselor
E.F.R Instructor
PADI Divemaster